Monday, March 26, 2012

Ramen Sandwich

This legendary recipe is rumored to have originated in prison, so you know it is both unhealthy and delicious.  It is also a very inexpensive meal, so if you are poor and somehow not in prison, this could save/improve your crappy life.  It should be noted that the original secret recipe calls for Maruchan Roast Beef Flavor, but I was unable to find that so I had to substitute for second place Beef Flavor. Other flavors and brands work just as well, they just aren’t as good as Maruchan Roast Beef Flavor.

Prep time = 10 minutes
Estimated cost = less than $1.00


  • Supermarket grade distilled water
  • 1 package Maruchan Roast Beef Flavor Noodle Soup
  • 2 slices of bread (potato bread is recommended)

Boil 2 cups of water and carefully open one end of the package, taking care not to tear the sides.

Protip: If you accidentally tear the package you can use a comparably sized Ziploc baggie.

Remove the seasoning packet and noodles.

Break the noodles apart into smaller chunks.

Place the noodles back into the package.

Place the package upright and securely into a container.  Make sure the package can’t shift or tip over.

Pour boiling water into the package about a half-inch from the top.

Let the noodles cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

Carefully remove the water from the package.

Pour the seasoning packet into the noodles.

Carefully stir noodles with a fork to ensure equal flavor distribution.  Make sure you dig deep into the corners.  Leave no noodle unseasoned.

Mold the package into a square shape by folding it in half.

You can even place something heavy on top of the package if you think that helps your chances.  Let rest for about five minutes or longer (this is crucial to form a solid noodle patty).

Carefully remove super tight noodle patty from package.

Place gently onto bread.

If desired, season to your liking.  I recommend Sriracha hot sauce.

Cram it home as slowly as possible.



  1. no, no you have this all wrong. you make top ramen and then you add eggs and cheese. End of story.

  2. that was a satisfying meal. i vomited and laughed, dammit.

  3. Where's the rest of the posts? More posts!